hydrangea blossoming

hydrangea blossoming
Hydrangea on the Edge of Blooming

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Do We Want to See This?

Point Interface circulated yesterday's post on saving the maple tree canopy on APA Road and there was a lot of enthusiastic response to it.  It appears that I can buy chains for many and they will join me in front of the bulldozers, or whatever.  I appreciate the company.

One person offered to get a TV camera to come and take pictures of us in chains.  Another suggested that we do it in the nude.  I'm up for either, but perhaps not for both.  Although, if that's what it takes, then that's what it takes.  Consider the possibility.  It's supposed to be 72 degrees here on Saturday so that at least suggests we could pick a sunny day for the clothing optional activities.  Hats, however, would be appropriate.

In the meantime, what you, dear readers, can do while staying in your living room and keeping your warm jackets on is write to Amy Keenan at


Ms. Keenan is in the County Planning Department.

If you've written before, write again, remind her you're still here and getting ever more concerned.  Mention the nude chains (no, maybe don't do that; maintain some decorum, I suppose).  There may well be a hearing later in the month where we can all traipse down to Bellingham to whine and complain in responsible citizen mode before we get into major activist mode.  Also, now you can nag your friends and neighbors to write.  Do the nagging gently; the writing they can do however they want.

More news at 11 p.m., or whenever we get any.

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Anonymous said...

Not being enough of an outdoorsy type of person to chain myself to a tree (there are critters in them thar woods), I opted to send a letter. I hope many will follow suit. This is a ghost town in the making but by then the canopy would be lost forever and all sorts of wildlife displaced in the process.
Thanks for keeping us up to date.
H. Slack,
Point Roberts.